Big Boot Promotion by John Ellis
Diva Duck by John Ellis
Early One Morning by Peter Merrick
Ghostly Ride on the Helter Skelter by Sylvia White
Hong Kong Crossing by Paul Laycock
In lines by Petra Butler
Leaves on the line by Patricia Maguire
Line of Boris bike park by Paul Olliver
Lines of knowledge by Yvonne Windsor
Looking Up by Bernd Schroter
Looking up by Steve White
Making Music Please by Peter Merrick Print of the Year 2014 - 15
Night Train speeding into the light by Julie Crickmore
OUTLINES by Jean Gould
Resting Between Sorties by John Ellis
Standing in Line by Steve White
Storm Approaching by John Ellis PDI of the Year 2014-15
The Look Out Seats by Jan Arnold
The Spectator by Steve White
The Tourist by Steve White
Trapped in Glass by Ben Allan


The club was formed in 1952 and regular meetings have been held at the Southwick Community Centre, Southwick Street, Southwick since that time. One of the founding members was the well-known and respected local photographer Bill Wisden. Bill was the first member of the club to gain an ARPS in 1959 and he now sits on the RPS Panel. Southwick Camera Club likes to pride themselves on being a friendly club whilst at the same time enjoying photography and encouraging members to improve their work.