This page shows upcoming events for the new
2018 / 2019 season.
Further information can be obtained from the club programme. You can download the full programme by clicking here



Throughtout June, July and August you will be given three set subjects.
Note The PDI images for June must be taken in June, and the same for July and Augest.
Total – TWO PDI  images each month; representing your choice of two of the set subject. The Set subjects for JULY will be announced end of June. The Set subjects for AUGUST will be announced end of July.
July -  TBA
August  -  TBA


2019 - 20 SET SUBJECTS

PDI 1 “Street”
May be candid photography in a public place or images of an urban environment.

Print 1 “View Point"
Images showing that the photographer has actively selected the position from which to take the picture.

PDI 2 “Weather".
Images capturing any type of weather, seen or experienced.

Print 2 “Black and White"
Images which have been taken in black and white, or converted from colour into black and white. May include images conveying the idea of black and white!

PDI 3 “Industrial"
Images of equipment, products, machinery or industrial buildings. May include workers.

Print 3 “Table Top and/also Negative Space"
Negative space: images where the space around the subject, rather than the subject itself is key to the image.
Table Top: Inanimate subject.
This a two subject set subject. Members can enter one of each subject or two of one subject.


Programme  2019-2020


Season 2018 / 2019

Thursday 30th May
End of Season Social and Awards Evening
Guest: Trevor Gellard


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Subscriptions are due on the first Club Meeting. However, if you wish to pay by BACS email the treasurer for details