A View across the Rocks by Sue Leaney
An eye on its prey by Christiane Freeman
Arch by Paul Laycock
Departure by James Harrison-Bodle
Early Blooms by Doris Morey
Faded Glory by Claire Peters
Free Lunch by Claire Peters
Going Against The Grain by James Harrison -Bodle
Knock Knock by Marion Tendall
Lashes by Sylvia White
Lights Up by Roy Reed
Monster wave by Belinda Peters
Night Swimming by James Harrison-Bodle
Sailing by Steve White
Searching for lunch by Steve Hanley
Stane Street Roman Road by Colin Mitchell
Still marooned by Christiane-Freeman
The boots on the other foot by Tom Ballard
The King and I by James Harrison-Bodle
The space between Death Valley by Sylvia White
Vintage Bentley Race Car by Roger Pennington
Walk through the poppies by Roy Reed
Win one lose one by Doris Morey
Window to the Wharf by James Harrison-Bodle
Winter Selection by Gwen Davies


The club was formed in 1952 and regular meetings have been held at the Southwick Community Centre, Southwick Street, Southwick since that time. One of the founding members was the well-known and respected local photographer the late Bill Wisden. Bill was the first member of the club to gain an ARPS in 1959. Southwick Camera Club likes to pride themselves on being a friendly club whilst at the same time enjoying photography and encouraging members to improve their work.