A Figure Like This by Jan Arnold
Amberley Bridge by Jan Arnold Print of the year 2019
Art on Art by Sylvia White
Boys Just Want To Have Fun by Peter Merrick
COFFEE by Neil Robertson
Contentment by Sue Daly
Convergence by Steve Hanley
Crossing by Sue Daly
Engrossed Silk Souk Marrakech by Sue Lambert
Eternal Walk by Doris Morey
Goldfinch by Helen Allen
Green Heron and Bee Cano Negro by Peter Merrick
High Street Versus The Internet by John Ellis
Horse flies by Colin Leeves PDI of the year 2019
Horse Power by Kathryn Howard-Greenfield
Into the light by Tom Ballard
Lloyds of London by Steve Hanley
Mid Winter Sunset This Way by Patricia Maguire
Off to Work by Joyce Willard
Out for dinner by Sue Daly
Peter Merrick photographer of the year 20018-2019
Reflecting by Tom Ballard
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Colin Mitchel
Tempus fugit by Steve Hanley
The audience by Ann Young
The Great Beyond by James Harrison-Bodle
The Photographer by Peter Merrick
The Plight of the Orang Utan by Chris Lightfoot
Torres del Paine Patagonia by Sue Lambert
Underpass by Neil Robertson
Walk This Way by James Harrison-Bodle
What about me by Yvonne Windsor
Young Love by Kathryn Howard-Greenfield


The club was formed in 1952 and regular meetings have been held at the Southwick Community Centre, Southwick Street, Southwick since that time. One of the founding members was the well-known and respected local photographer the late Bill Wisden. Bill was the first member of the club to gain an ARPS in 1959. Southwick Camera Club likes to pride themselves on being a friendly club whilst at the same time enjoying photography and encouraging members to improve their work.