Mission Statement


The objective of the club is to bring together people who are interested in all branches of photography in a sociable and instructive environment.

One of the main aims is to encourage members to produce pictures, whether they be Digital Projected Images (PDI) or prints produced from film or digital files. All levels of experience are welcome.

The Committee of Southwick Camera Club state that any club members entering or participating in club activities do so at their own risk.


Club Details


  1. Hire rooms in the Southwick Community Centre, as required, for smaller tutorials particularly for the benefit of new members. Up to 12 additional meetings.
  2. Club members will also arrange outings to places of
    photographic interest, as appropriate, or attend visits to other clubs or venues for inter-club competitions or socials. Up to 12 additional occasions.
  3. The Club will exhibit its work at suitable Events to attract new members.

The Club Committee will hold meetings to arrange the running of the club or to select competition entries. Up to 10 occasions per year.

Annual Subscription fees for 2019 -20
Single member £52
Couples at same address £99
Senior citizens £49
Senior citizens Couples £93
Students in full time education £30

A list of committee members can be found in the Club Handbook