Mission Statement

The objective of the club is to bring together people who are interested in all branches of photography in a sociable and instructive environment.

One of the main aims is to encourage members to produce pictures, whether they be Digital Projected Images (PDI) or prints produced from film or digital files. All levels of experience are welcome.

The Committee of Southwick Camera Club state that any club members entering or participating in club activities do so at their own risk.


Club Details

  1. Hire rooms in the Southwick Community Centre, as required, for smaller tutorials particularly for the benefit of new members. Up to 12 additional meetings.
  2. Club members will also arrange outings to places of
    photographic interest, as appropriate, or attend visits to other clubs or venues for inter-club competitions or socials. Up to 12 additional occasions.
  3. The Club will exhibit its work at suitable Events to attract new members.

The Club Committee will hold meetings to arrange the running of the club or to select competition entries. Up to 10 occasions per year.

Annual Subscription fees for 2023 -24
Single member £57
Couples at same address £104
Senior citizens £54
Senior citizens Couples £98
Students in full time education £35

A list of committee members can be found in the Club Handbook

Mission Statement
At Southwick Camera Club we offer a friendly, instructive and supportive environment where photographers
of all levels of experience may develop their skills and showcase their work.
A) Title
The Club shall be known as 'Southwick Camera Club' to indicate its geographical location. Here and
thereafter known as 'The Club'.
B) Objectives
To provide a varied Annual programme of events: Tutorials, Talks, Competitions and Social Events through
which members may progress their photography.
All levels of photographic experience are welcome and encouraged to participate in The Club's Programme.
The main aim of The Club is to encourage members to produce and share their photographic images. These
may be presented as prints or projected digital images (PDIs). These images must be wholly the work of the
Competitions within The Club (as defined by The Club's competition rules) are held so that the members may
learn from the comments made by the Judges or Assessors. Any critique is intended to be constructive to the
growth of the individual member and the membership as a whole.
The Club will also compete in External Competition with other Local Camera Clubs.
Membership shall be open to any person over the age of 16 years.
Persons who are under the age of 16 years may also be accepted for membership provided a parent/carer
accompanies the minor at all club meetings.
The subscription rate for a person under 16 years of age will be the same as that of a Student (and the same
pro-rata rules will apply).
Membership is by application and approval of The Club Committee.
Membership of The Club implies an undertaking to comply with and abide by this Constitution and its Rules.
Honorary Membership
The Club Committee shall have the power to elect Honorary Members for such period, as they shall
determine. Such Honorary Members shall enjoy the full privileges of The Club, without the right to hold office,
without the payment of subscriptions and may attend all of the meetings of The Club.
Termination of Membership
Any member may be expelled or asked to resign from The Club at the decision of The Commiitee.
The Committee can request any member to appear before it provided that where any charge or accusation is
made, the member shall be given full and reasonable opportunity to put forward a defence and call witnesses
at a later meeting.
Any member expelled or asked to resign shall have the right to appeal to a Special General Meeting of The
Club called for that purpose. All Committee proceedings and those of any Special General Meeting called
under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.
Members shall pay an annual subscription at the first meeting of The Club during the month of September at
a sum considered by The Club Committee and adopted or amended as necessary at the AGM. This is nonrefundable.
Persons taking up membership after the 1st February shall pay a pro-rata rate for the rest of the season.
Membership will lapse automatically should such subscription fall more than three (3) months in arrears, but
may be redeemed by full payment of the Annual Subscription.
Casual Visitors
Persons not wishing to take up membership of the Club but wishing to attend the Club on more than three
occasions during the year as a casual visitor shall be asked to pay a fee per visit: the amount to be
determined at each AGM.
Club Organisation
The Affairs of The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the Officers of The Club and a
minimum of four (4) Committee Members, all to be elected annually at the AGM or co-opted by The
Committee. Nominees for membership to The Committee shall be nominated and seconded. This must be by
prior written notification to the Honorary Secretary at least one week before.
In the event of an Officer of The Club resigning his or her appointment, The Committee shall be empowered
to appoint a member to fill the vacancy thus caused for the remainder of the current Club year.
All Officers and Committee Members shall be voluntary and unpaid.
The Officers of The Club shall consist of an Honorary Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary
The Committee Members shall consist of Vice Chairman, Programme Secretary, Internal Competition
Secretary, Assistant Internal Competition Secretary, External Competition Secretary, Webmaster, Publicity
Secretary, Social Secretaries and any other members as The Committee deem necessary.
Vice Chair
The Committee shall appoint from within their number an Officer to deputise for the Chairman in his or her
At Committee meetings five (5) members shall form a quorum. At General Meetings twelve (12) club
members shall form a quorum.
The Chairman
shall oversee the Committee and ensure that the affairs of The Club are carried out in an orderly manner.
The Secretary
shall conduct the correspondence of The Club. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to maintain a register for
the members of The Club.
The Treasurer
shall collect all subscriptions and monies due after authorisation by The Committee. The Treasurer shall pay
out all duly authorised costs incurred from the running of The Club. At the end of each club year an Income
and Expenditure Account together with a balance sheet shall be drawn up by the Treasurer and audited by a
member appointed for this purpose by the preceding AGM. This balance sheet shall be presented for
approval at the following AGM.
Competition Secretary(s)
it shall be the responsibility of the Competition Secretary(s) to appoint panels for the selection of work to be
submitted to competitive events.
The Publicity and Social Secretary
shall organise outings from time to time and make arrangements for the refreshments on evenings when a
social event is planned, and also to promote The Club through the local media outlets.
The Webmaster
shall be responsible for the management and updating of the Club's website.
Non-executive Committee Member(s)
A committee member will act as Community Centre Representative as the link between The Club and the
Southwick Community Centre and shall be responsible for attending their meetings and conveying relevant
information to The Club.
Club Affiliations
The Club shall be affiliated to such Regional/National Federations and Alliances as will benefit The Club
membership. Affiliation fees shall be automatically incorporated into the Annual Subscription.
Annual General Meeting
The Officers shall organise an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Club to be held in each Club year at
the end of the season with at least six (6) weeks notice.
Proposals from Members
Proposals for consideration at the AGM must be submitted in writing, signed by mover and seconder, to the
Honorary Secretary at least four (4) weeks before the date of the AGM. The Honorary Secretary will publish
such proposals not less than two (2) weeks before the AGM. Motions to amend such proposals must be
submitted in writing, signed by the mover and seconder to the Honorary Secretary at least one week before
the AGM.
The agenda will consist of:
1 Apologies for absence.
2 Matters arising from the minutes of the last AGM.
3 Minutes of previous AGM and motion to accept as a true record.
4 Annual reports by each Officer.
1) Chairman's Report.
2) Secretaries Report.
3) The Treasurer's report will include an income and expenditure account and a balance sheet
audited by a member appointed by nomination and membership vote at the preceding AGM. The
report will conclude with a proposal regarding subscriptions and any other fee increases for the
next year. A motion to accept this proposal will be moved by the Honorary Treasurer, seconded by
a Committee member and voted on by the members.
5 Any proposals and amendements from members that have been submitted in accordance with Club
6 Electtion of Officers/Committee Members.
7 Any other business
8 Date of next AGM.
Note 1
The only motions that can be accepted from the floor without written notice are those to amend the Honorary
Treasurer's proposal for Subscriptions and Casual Visitor fees.
Note 2
Any Other Business (AOB) is for informal discussion on matters other than those already discussed during
the meeting. The only motions allowed are those proposing that the subject be referred to the Committee for
Special General Meeting
The Committee may call a Special General Meeting (SGM) at any time provided that 21 days notice is given
by e-mail or in writing to each member. A request for a SGM may be submitted at any time to the Committee
provided that one third of the membership so desire, but 21 days notice must be given to the Committee in
writing, signed by one third of the total membership. Only business included on the Agenda concerning the
SGM may be discussed at this meeting.
All members (excluding Honoray Members) present at the meeting shall be entitled to one vote on any
issue. Proxy votes will be accepted if in writing and signed and dated. The Chairman shall not vote except to
exercise his or her casting vote.
The Club may be dissolved only by a Special General Meeting at which three quarters of those present vote
for dissolution, this number must exceed two thirds of the then membership. In the event of dissolution a
Liquidator shall be appointed as to the disposal of the Club's assets. A member shall have the right to submit
a sealed bid for any Club equipment to the Liquidator. The Liquidator is obliged to accept the highest of such
bids if they exceed the Liquidator's best outside offer. Any residual assets will be held in trust or transferred
to other Camera Clubs in the local comminity.
Neither The Club nor members of the Committee shall be responsible in any way for injury or damage to
persons or property caused whilst taking part in Club events.
DATE: Revised June 2013; Further revised June 2016