This page shows upcoming events for the new
2021/2022 season.





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2021 - 22 SET SUBJECTS

High Key and/or Low Key
High key - Using minimal tonal range and shadow compose a bright image.
Low Key - Create an image of a dark scene /portrait emphasising natural or artificial light on specific in the frame.

ICM and/or Speed

ICM - Intentional camera movement by moving the camera or zoom through any plane or axis.
Speed - What is speed to you, Faster than a snail slower than a space station use your imagination.

Juxtaposition and/or Ying and Yang
Juxtaposition - compose an image of two things in proximity that have a contrasting effect.
Ying and Yan - Compose an image of seemingly opposite that may be complementary, interconnected and/or interdependent. (seek advice from Google)

Urban Change and/or Rural Life
Urban Change- Urban using an image of a town/city to depict urban decay, development or regeneration.
Rural Life - A countryside image to depict rural life or community.

Window Light and/or Flash
Window Light - Light from an independent source e.g: the sun ,moon, street light etc.  (not flash) into or through a window on to the focal subject.
Flash  - Use flash (single or multiple) to create your image.

Young and/or Old
Young  - What is young to you in human, wild life, historical architectural terms?
Old - Can be a relative term five minuets, fifty years, five million years captivate our interest.


Programme 2021- 2022

9th          52 Weeks of 2020 in Lockdown

              Rodger Boakes
16th        The Eye in the Sky/Drone Photography
               Steve White
23rd         PDI OPEN
                Judge: Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB
30th        Speaker : Dr Keith Snell
               “My Restless Lens”
7th          Lockdown with your camera
              Members Night
14th        PDI OPEN
              Judge: Steve Lawrenson ARPS APAGB

21st        Evening with Peter Merrick
28th        Speaker: Jane Lazenby
               “Paintbrush to Pixels”
4th          PDI SET SUBJECT
              Intentional Camera Movement and/or Speed
               Judge: Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB BFE3

11th        Summer Project
18th        Speaker: Lawrence Homewood
               “My Photographic Journey”
25th        PDI SET SUBJECT
              Low Key and/or High Key
              Judge: Sally Sallett ARPS CPAGB BPE3 AFIAP
2nd         3 Way Inter-club competition with Henfield and Littlehampton
9th          Speaker: Cherry Larcombe
               “Textures and Triptychs"
16th        PDI OPEN
               Judge: Erica Oram CPAGB AFIAP BPE3
23rd        CHRISTMAS

6th          Speaker Dave Mason :
13th        PDI OPEN
               Judge: Ken Scott ARPS BSc(Hons) MBPsS
20th        Speaker: Darren Pullman
              "You’ve Taken the Pics – What Next?"
27th        Evening with Jan Arnold and Steve Hanley

3rd          PDI SET SUBJECT

              Urban Change and/or Rural Life
              Judge: Marcus Scott-Taggart.
10th        Speakers:  Sue O’Connell FIPF ARPS DPAGB ABPE EFIAP/d3
                and Peter Brisley ARPS DPAGB BPE2  EFIAP
               “Travels Towards the Edge”

17th        5 Minutes of Fame
              Members Evening
24th        PDI SET SUBJECT 
               Young and/or Old
               Judge: Bob Webzell ARPS EPIAP
3rd          Speaker  Matt Freestone
10th        Namibia - A Life Enriching Journey with Sue Lambert LRPS. CPAGB
17th        PDI OPEN
               Judge: Ken Woods LRPS
24TH       Speaker: Tony North BPE4 DPAGB
31st        Evening with Colin Mitchell

7th          PDI OPEN
               Judge: Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS AFIAP ABPE
14th       Using and Understanding Layers in Photoshop
              Steve White
21st        Inter-Club Competition with Maroondah
28th        PDI SET SUBJECT
               Window Light and or Flash
               Judge: Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPES*

5th          Speaker: Julian Elliot
               “Journey to the End of the World”
12th        PDI SET SUBJECT
              Juxtaposition and/or Yin-Yang
              Judge: Paul O'Tool
19th        Evening with Paul and James
26th        PDI OF THE YEAR
              Judge: David Eastly LRPS

2nd         Cancelled due to the Platinum Jubilee.
9th          AGM and AWARDS EVENING  (in the Deall Room)



16th       Weather permitting a Club outdoor picnic (bring your own picnic)
               venue to be advised.

Remember to keep watching your emails for date/time of the Zoom meetings.